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Salman Khan is Boss No.1

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There’s a fierce sense of loyalty that emanates from every word that he says. It is no wonder then that Shera, Salman Khan most trusted aide, launched the first look of the latter’s film Bodyguard with much fanfare recently.

While Shera admitted that he was touched by this gesture, he also confessed, “This was a total surprise. I was going about my work at the promotional activity as usual and suddenly I am told by Salman Khan that I have to launch the promo. I was like ‘Main?’ and boss said ‘Haan tum!’ But, what he did after that which was to tell people about how much my work and I mean to him – was what touched me immensely.”

With the star saying that he’ll be finished if Shera decides to write a book, ask Shera if he’s ever been tempted to bare it all and he says, “I’ve never been tempted ever! Honestly. I have always believed in doing my job and my boss Salman Khan is No.1. I can never let him down!”

With the duo redefining the star-bodyguard relationship, isn’t he worried that their ties will ever be strained? He smiles and says, “I’ve been with Salman Khan for almost 15 years now and I don’t interfere in his work and he lets me do my job. It’s worked thus far and will continue to do so in the future, I am sure.” TOI

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