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‘Salman’s a star with a soul’

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Everyone knows that Being Human is very close to Salman Khan’s heart. And unlike in the past when his bad boy image used to dominate news, today, it’s his humane side which is often in focus.

Take the case of Shera, his closest aide, releasing the first look of his film ‘Bodyguard’. Recounting an unforgettable encounter Shera had with star in Indore, he says, “My tryst with Salman began in Indore. There was a show for which Salman Khan was travelling in his car and the crowds had lined up the streets and soon they were choc-a-block. I ran for nearly 8 kms in front of his car to clear the road for him.

While I was doing this the power that this star has dawned on me. If is star power was overwhelming, I got up close to his human side when he was shooting for a film at an outdoor location. After rehearsing, he suddenly comes up to me asks me for my tee, which I give. The next thing I see is that he’s wearing it in front of the camera! He’s a star, but he touches you with these actions in so many innumerable ways, which is why he’ll always remain my favourite star, whose pictures I see at least three times – while it’s being made, on the day of the premiere and after the release too!” TOI

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