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Save fuel, says Raveena

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The traffic in India’s metros is on an increase and with the increase in fuel prices; Raveena Tandon is emphasizing the crucial need for car pooling.

With urgency in her tone, Raveena wrote on her micro-blog, “I wish the concept of carpooling catches on, as I see most of the cars have only individuals. So if four people share one car that will be three cars off the road!”

Talking about the benefits of sharing a car, the actress said, “Saves fuel, less CO2 in the air, lesser noise pollution, lesser traffic jams. I hope basic sense prevails on earth before it’s too late.”

The actress is high on the social scene and also has to travel for her shoot assignments. And she says it’s frustrating to see traffic packed roads with cars moving on a snail’s pace.

Giving her own example, Raveena said, “I have to take a different route everyday but carpooling is useful for those who travel same routes to office daily. However, I don’t travel alone. Dropped my daughter to school on my way and also have my staff in the same car as me.”

Raveena feels that if people get rid of their laziness to make the effort, there will be less traffic jams and pollution on Indian roads. TOI

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