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Shahid & Ranbir New Friendship in Bollywood

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Director Ian Mukherjee, who knows very well introduce two artists Anushka’It think these two Kapoor boy during a ceremony by the friends of Sharma month.s Krshika organized place.New killed last open feel these days in the morning. Read actor Ranbir Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor in Mumbai with a group of friends there to celebrate last night.

Ian near Ranbir, as we all know, and he was recently a friend of a martyr. Thus, if a martyr on Aallentn Krshika celebrated at home, and also appeared Ayaoy and Ranbir. It is celebrated with Krshika Sharma at home last month and never has a day lost in since.Speaking “said one, and was director Ian Mukherjee” Jagv VAT) and two ahead.

It is therefore surprising that Ranbir Kapoor Gzne in contact with the witness in advance. City B friends to behave strangely. Ranbir would Charisma time Abhishek Bachchan and Gzne intersection with the refusal to come with him into the business.

But between them on various topics, according to the latest news that Ranbir slowly but surely, until you find a new source Shahid.The friend, “Imran Khan, Ranbir a perfect return to the one found today said” seems closest Today Friends in Bollywood. Agencies

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