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Show Me Aamir Khan Contract: Salman Khan

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While Salman Khan has agreed to Aditya Chopra Kabir Khan for the film, the actor who is childish and work skeptical direct work with people outside their comfort zone. Work in other words, Salman care happier with family and friends, because then he does not have on things like compensation and other details. His family (read: father Salim Khan) protects him.

A source says, “However when it came to drawing up a contract for Adi’s film (read: SRK’s buddy), bhai was hesitant. He allegedly requested his manager to get him a copy of Aamir Khan’s Dhoom-3 contract with the Chopras. Aamir’s contract then became the template for bhai with some minor changes like the actual remuneration figure, release date etc.”

Salman and Aamir are very close. They do confer with one another on several personal and professional issues. Neither of the two superstars is comfortable talking about their relationship, however one gets the feeling that they “lookout” for each other. Agencies

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