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Sonam Is A Lide Role In Dabangg Remake

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For any filmmaker willing to make the film as a result, the film industry in the South for all films is removed Uremech.

His new film in two languages, two in Tamil and Tamil is closely Uremech Telugu.If Sonam, and we expect more of the beautiful actress is still in the heart of each and every one Sonakshi original role as it is alive.
Sonakshi Sinha role original.Sonam Kapoor forays into the skin, so I played Sonakshi Sinha. Presentations on

“Dabangg” Rajjo in ‘Delhi 6′version of the Tamil actress to play.
Now that he has discussed “Dabangg” the role. The filmmakers fever Sonam common large-scale seems to be stopped. Sonakshi offered the leading role of the beautiful actress, but she refused to be part of the reforms. Agencies

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