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Tanushree’s out of her ‘weighty’ depression

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Actor Tanushree Dutta feels like an all new person, thanks to the wonders Yoga has done to her. “I started Yoga two years back when all attempts of shedding my weight fell flat .

I was struggling with my weight. I hated to see tabloids with my pictures where I looked so plump. I visited so many doctors, clinics, hit the gym, hired an expensive trainer but nothing worked. I went into an acute depression. Its then that somebody advised me to take up Yoga. Today, after two years, I feel like a new person. I am so much at peace with myself, mentally and physically and my whole attitude towards life has changed.”

Though Tanushree has managed to bring her extra kilos in control now, it is not a size zero that she is targeting. “I am not even trying to become size zero. My problem was that I hated to see myself putting on weight when I could see others around me slim and trim and looking great. It was affecting me mentally. It is very important to look good in
the entertainment industry,” she says.

But the extra kilos did not make her lose out on film offers, she maintains. “I did do a few films last year. Moreover, I feel that the Indian cinema still prefers women who are a
little on the heavier side and I have always been voluptuous. In fact, I have been getting roles but now, I have decided to take time to sign on the dotted line as I have had bad
experiences in the past and want to be careful henceforth.”

Sharing about the “bad experiences”, Tanushree says, “I have worked with actors nobody was ready to work with. But what I got in return was my name being dragged into controversies for cheap publicity for the film. I mean, who are they to call me unprofessional, tantrum queen, or whatsoever? I worked with newcomers, again because nobody would work with them but see what fate my film “Rama The Saviour” met! It was marketing so badly. Hence, though I am reading scripts, I haven’t signed any films yet. I have been in the industry for five years and would love to play a historical character. Also, I think whereas most actresses look the same no matter what role they play, with me it’s different. I can look different in various roles.”

She has shed her weight yes, but Tanushree isn’t looking at getting back to her sexy avatar, like in “Aashiq Banaya Aapne” or “Chocolate”. “I am not looking at my body like that any more. I no longer attach an image to myself because it has negative repercussions. I have suffered it, so I know. Now, I will only change my look according to the character I play and that includes my body as well. I am just waiting for the rightscript and the right role.”

While still waiting for the right role, Tanushree indeed has given marriage a thought. “Yes, I have thought about marriage but the problem is there is no appropriate candidate for me as of now,” she says. TOI

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