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Telangana strike halts Dirty Picture’s shoot

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Who would have thought that a strike in the state would cause a strike in the bedroom? The talk of the Telangana strike has been all over the news. Reportedly, members of parliament from the region in Andhra Pradesh have been exerting pressure on the central government to create a separate state.

In fact, the region has been on a lockdown for the past two days. But what is not known is that the strike has hindered Vidya Balan and Tusshar Kapoor from shooting their intimate scene for Ekta Kapoor’s Dirty Picture.

The strike that halted the shoot scheduled for June 4 in Hyderabad, has not only ruined the mood for the on-screen love scene but has also cost Ekta a fortune. This unforeseen strike has cost the producer a whopping Rs 40 lakh. A source told us, “The strike, which started on July 4, may go on for an indefinite period. Shooting is likely to commence only on July 7. However, nothing is certain. This will again affect the film’s budget.”

Before the slated love-making scene with Tusshar, on June 3, Vidya had shot a song for the film along the lines of Sridevi in Himmatwala. The source added, “Vidya was extremely charged up for that song. She put in more than hundred percent.

This is the first time that she has done such a bold number. She was not even nervous about the love-making scene with Tusshar, the next day, when the Telangana strike began.”

However the shoot has put the two actors’ dates in a mess. Having nothing to do with the shoots halted indefinitely, Vidya and Tusshar have been spending their time indoors. “Vidya and Tusshar are staying in the same hotel in Ramoji Rao Complex itself, where their steamy scene was supposed to be shot,” revealed the source.

The source explained the actors’ predicament and added, “If the conditions were normal, they would have definitely gone out and done some shopping. But there is fear of violence, hence they are doing nothing but waiting for things to get back to normal. And of course, their shoot to resume.” TOI

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