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There’s no groom for me: Mallika Sherawat

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She has courted tabloid infamy far too many times, for her outrageous remarks, erratic behaviour and even her leopard print dresses on the red carpet.

And it looks like the drama queen, Mallika Sherawat, who raised her Hollywood profile through a series of photo-opportunities, now wishes to be portrayed in a kinder light. The actor, based in Los Angeles, is awaiting the release of her Hollywood romantic comedy Politics of Love, alongside Bryan White.

Have you repositioned yourself as the global face of Indian cinema in Hollywood, without consolidating your base in Bollywood?
I haven’t repositioned myself as anything. I did films like The Myth with Jackie Chan and Dasavatharam in the south with Kamal Haasan, which were both outside the Hindi film industry. Bollywood is a mixed bag – the roles on offer from there are unfortunately predictable. But outside Bollywood, be it south India or Hollywood, I have no fixed image and the roles are more diverse.

What about your upcoming Hollywood projects? What are the kind of roles you are being offered?
My next project which releases theatrically across the US on August 26 is Politics of Love, which is a romantic comedy set during Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, in which I play one of his party workers who has a not-so-secret affair with a member of the opposing party.

You are spending more time in LA and New York. Is this an attempt to move away from Bollywood?
I really like LA and its vibe – it is after all the hub of international film production and there is no better place in the world for someone interested in cinema, showbiz and health food. I can never move away from cinema, and as long as Bollywood and Hollywood continue to make films, I’ll try and remain bigamous.

Do you have any Bollywood film now?
There’s only one project I’m excited about right now and the producers are in the process of acquiring the rights of this film. We’ll be making an announcement soon.

The Indian press has often viewed your Hollywood stint as more of posed photo opportunities. Is this true?
The Indian press has written my obituary a dozen times, but for some miraculous reason I keep resurrecting. In spite of all the bashing, and viewing my stint as more of a photo-opportunity, I’m still standing.

Reportedly, the Bhatts made a comment that Jacqueline is hotter than Mallika Sherawat. What’s your take on that?
That’s for them and the audience to decide, not me.

Your red-carpet outings at Cannes and other international awards functions have been panned by the fashion police in India. Are you affected by these reports? Also, who are your favourite fashion designers?
I haven’t had the time to read such reports. I have worn Anita Dongre, Ashley Rebello and Shahab Durazi’s creations from India and Max Azria, Dolce & Gabbana and the French Couture Designer – Eric Tibush from the west and shoes by Nando Muzi.

Any plans for marriage?
I’ve been planning my marriage for a while, and have worked out the location, wedding dress, menu, etc., but there’s no groom yet. TOI

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