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Too difficult to be anywhere near Rajnikanth: Salman

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With action films like Wanted, Dabangg and now Bodyguard, Salman Khan seems to be fast becoming the Rajinikanth of Bollywood, but the actor is frank enough to admit that it will take him 20 years to be anywhere near the Tamil superstar.

Like Rajnikanth, Salman has done it all — fought several bad guys at once, managed to tear his shirt apart without even touching it, throw punches that unrealistically fell dozen of goons and dodged bullets.

Interestingly, all his recent movies have been south remakes. Even his latest venture, Bodyguard, is a remake of 2010 Malayalam movie of the same name.

Asked if he is following in the footsteps of Rajinikanth, Salman was quickly said, “No… please no. He is on a different level altogether. I need that extra 20 years to be Rajnikanth. But I don’t want to go into that direction as it is too hard to be there. I am good with my stuff here.”

Prabhudeva-helmed Wanted, one of the biggest hits of 2009, was a remake of Telugu blockbuster Pokiri. The film had Salman as the wisecracking thug later revealed as a cop.

In Abhinav Kashyap’s 2010 blockbuster Dabangg, the 45-year-old played a corrupt cop. And now, in Bodyguard he essays the role of a bodyguard to Kareena.

For the past few years, Salman is having a dream run in the Hindi filmdom, delivering two mega hits Wanted and Dabangg, and hopes Bodyguard will continue with it at the box-office.

Bodyguard is scheduled to release on August 31. Hindu

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