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Veena Malik’s very special: Ashmit Patel

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Actor Ashmit Patel was in a chillax mode when we spotted him at a hotel lobby in Ahmedabad where one could see delighted female admirers lining up to catch a glimpse of the screen hottie.

While, his four year stint in Bollywood couldn’t make him a star, his sizzling on screen romance with Pakistani starling Veena Malik in Bigg Boss 4, has made him something of a teenage heartthrob almost overnight!

Ashmit was in Ahmedabad recently for an awards night. “I feel honoured to get this award,” says Ashmit adding, “I haven’t come to Ahmedabad for years now. I do have some relatives in Anand and they’re coming down to meet me. It feels good to meet family members after so long.”

Ashmit will soon be anchoring a brand new reality show, Superstud — The School of Flirt. From 35 mm to small screen, it must have been quite a turn around for him. Ashmit shrugs, “Not quite! TV has its own charm. Films and television are two different media. When you do TV shows, you get an instant connect with the audience. The audience doesn’t have to shell out money to watch us on TV. Actors also get to be themselves on TV. And this visibility definitely enables the audience to take notice of our work on the big screen.”

TV show apart, Ashmit has his films itinerary chalked out too. “I am working on few films — I shot a periodic film titled The Flag in Bhuj, an international film called Florida Road, a Bengali film named Lal Salaam — a socio-political film. I didn’t have any language issues as I played the role of a CBI officer from Delhi. But I love speaking different languages. I can speak Hindi, English, Sindhi, French, Gujarati, Spanish, a little Bengali and can count up to ten in German,” he says with a laugh.

So what kind of films does he think really appeal to the audience today? “I wish I knew what kind of films work. The ones that are different, novel and entertaining always fare better. It is getting very difficult for film makers to make everyone happy as our country is vast and so is the culture and language, which makes marketing a film very important,” he avers.

Ashmit was also a favourite topic on gossip columns during his stint in the show Bigg Boss. “Link ups happen even when films are going to be released. I didn’t give it much importance. I was the obvious choice for link ups in that house. The only thing I didn’t like was, branding Sara Khan and me as a couple. I genuinely treat her like my sister,” he clarifies.

So where is his and Veena’s relationship heading to? “I am not dating Veena. She is a very special and important person in my life. I haven’t explored my chemistry with her after the show. We have met only few times after the show. I don’t know from where do all these rumours come from. I have actually lost track of all the rumours. I just wake up in the morning, read the paper and laugh at gossips,” he says.

There were also news of some trouble between him and Amisha Patel. “Amisha is my sister and everything is absolutely fine between us. We don’t meet often due to different work schedules but we are in constant touch,” he clarifies.

As soon as Ashmit gets free from work, he loves to travel. “The destination depends on how much time and money I have to spend. I love to go on adventurous holidays. For me holidays are different — I have a different lifestyle and so I can’t go with all my friends,” says Ashmit who is a big fitness freak. “I have recently turned vegetarian for health reasons. I think vegetarian food is healthier. I regularly hit the gym to stay fit.” TOI

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