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Vidya Balan Play To Hot Seen again In Ishqiya 2

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Vidya Balan Vishal Bhardwaj discussion and Shemaroo, Arshad Warsi and Ishqiya “series super duper success of Naseeruddin Shah.After announced that all the big start,” Bhardwaj got 2 Ishqiya.

The film on the floor in the middle of this year will be. Letter from another project, maybe you can add one or two people are. We look forward to and rational knowledge “Ishqiya a huge blast which means praise and serious. Are very happy and interesting film a long time away. .. It was a link to manufacturers for everything right way is long, and they spend the night at a Shemaroo film products was a private party office.Abhishek houses many of the film production was to announce an offer of talks and there was a strong cash . they have to make a film with John Abraham, however, it seems nothing has been achieved.

Abhishek a long script to decide his next film has broken, and I wanted to live. “He source.When contact, Ketan Maroo, film producer and said,” Finally, after the break, his first film “Ishqiya” Yes, directly to the decision result, we announced the film . However, a few days in a better position to obtain information necessary. ”

Arshad and Vidya is present and when the film has been announced, Vishal and his wife Rekha and Abhishek Choubey were present. Abhishek is an idea, and is the current scenario is being finalized. Agencies

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