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We all were born to do Sholay: Hema Malini

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Hema Malini is almost ready to relaunch beti Esha Deol through her directorial venture “Tell Me Oh Khuda”, and she is leaving no stone unturned in order to ensure that her daughter’s comeback is a hit .

She has even roped in current favourite Salman Khan to do a cameo in the film and is buoyed by Salman’s generosity. In a freewheeling chat, she talks about the generous Khan, reality shows, Karisma Kapur in the “Satte Pe Satta” remake, Dharam paaji’s stage act and much more.

Working with Salman
Salman Khan is a very large hearted man; it was very sweet of him to play a part in my movie. Though it’s just a small role – he will be seen in a guest appearance, playing the role of Esha’s friend in the movie – it was a great gesture he showed. I am very happy with him coming on board.

Appearing on Shatrughan’s show
Dharam ji and I went together to shoot for Shatrughan Sinha’s “Ke Bani Crorepati”. It all happened on Shatrughan ji’s insistence. Initially the plan was that we both will answer the questions, but later, only I sat on the hot seat and Dharam ji was there to help. It was a new experience for me.

Game for reality shows?
Yes, why not? I was a judge on “Dancing Queens” a year and a half back, and I quite enjoyed myself. Also, I think I have more knowledge than anybody else with regard to dance and music, so I would love to be a part of any such show. All the more because India has such a vast pool of talent and it is amazing to see them perform.

Karisma Kapur in the ‘Satte Pe Satta’ remake
I’m sure she will do a good job of it. But who am I to comment if she is the right choice for the role or not or if I’m happy with it or not? It is the director’s and the actor’s call. But Karisma is a very good actress and she will do great.

On her movies being remade
I’m okay with every other movie being remade except ” Sholay”. “Sholay” cannot and should not be remade ever. It is a classic, just like “Mughl-e-Azam”. I think we all were born to do “Sholay”. Each and every character in “Sholay”, especially the six main characters – I, Dharam ji, Jaya, Amit ji and Sanjeev Kumar – were born to do our respective parts in that movie, and the magic which the movie created at that time cannot be repeated. Also we don’t have such times now. Who will believe a village setting with dakus running around destroying villages? And which girl would now like to wear a ghagra-choli? Even the so-called ‘small town girls’ now want to look modern and stylish. And people now travel by aeroplanes, tanga kahan chalta hai. The setting is not right now. Also, who will the director fit in our roles? No one will look convincing. I have no issues with any of my other films being remade, but not “Sholay”. The beauty of it will be lost.

Watching Dharmendra perform on stage
All these years Dharam ji has seen me dancing on stage, so this time I watched him perform on stage and it was a great feeling. He loves movies so much. He can never say goodbye to the industry. TOI

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