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We can breakup & get back: Katrina

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While she’s been in the headlines as much for her break-ups and link-ups as her sexy Sheila moves, Katz has smartly dodged the media on relationship questions.

Now, for the first time, in an exclusive chat with zoom, she reveals the reason for maintaining a silence in matters of the heart. “If people say that I don’t talk about my personal life to portray an image to the media, they’ve got it all wrong. It’s not about the media or my fans, because for me, it’s been a very personal thing since the start. I’m very sensitive about the other person involved.

And in the eventuality of life, if you break-up and get back together, I don’t want to explain myself to the media constantly. I’m a sensitive person and I choose to protect myself by not talking about my relationships.” Sometimes silence says a lot gal. For exclusive interviews, Bollywood parties and events, tune in to B Tonite, Mon – Fri at 10pm & 1pm, only on zoOm – India’s No.1 Bollywood channel. TOI

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