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We can’t hide a pregnant Ash: Abhi

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The couple may be in the spotlight all the time, but if there’s one thing Abhishek is not comfortable with, it’s talking about himself and Aishwarya.

Ask him about his plans of being a dad, and he says, “I don’t understand why everyone is so bothered or excited about it. Now, it’s reached a level where, you know, I’m like, ‘Guys, can you let it be? It’s my personal life.’ And secondly, it’s not like something I can hide. Tomorrow, if Aishwarya is pregnant, it’s not like we can lock her away and say, ‘You are not going to come out in public or something,'” he says, and begins to smile, “It’s not something we can hide, it’s going to be very apparent, and we both believe that these things are blessings from God, and will happen when they have to happen. There’s so much speculation – I find it a bit needless. I am not bothered about my friends, and don’t ask them whether they are having a child or not. I’d find asking that question a little intrusive.”

But isn’t the public always obsessed with the Bachchans? “The intrusion into our privacy is fine, but then, like I said, when something like that happens, the whole world will know. Why’d we hide it? It’s going to be the happiest day in our lives. And I think I’ll make a very good father.”

H as he signed the films that came his way, or does he have a particular fondness for a certain genre? “I like all genre of films – because it is not the genre you take a liking to, it’s got more to go with the script. The story you are willing to tell – the storytelling process must interest and inspire an actor. I am not the type of actor to limit myself to the genre,” he says. TOI

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