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Yes, I’m in love: Mahie Gill

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Mahie Gill looks all excited as she sits for a chat. And the girl knows what to talk. So, she immediately gets talking about her next film, which has been directed by Ram gopal Varma and is ‘inspired’ by the Neeraj Grover-Maria Susairaj case.

“We shot for the film in the same building where the murder had taken place. The only difference in the location was that while Neeraj was murdered in flat number 201, we shot in flat number 1501. For seven days, we shot in the same house, with blood splattered all around,” recalls Mahie, whose character in the film is ‘inspired’ by Maria Susairaj.

“Playing Anusha Chawla has been mentally exhausting and emotionally tiring for me. It was a little creepy and stressful. I still remember being in the lift and thinking how they must have executed the murder and chopped the body,” she says.

“A couple of times when I was in the lift, it suddenly stopped on the second floor with flat number 201 right in front of it. And no one was there. Also, we heard rumors about how a restaurant was still getting calls from flat number 201 and someone would order food.”

How did she prepare for the role? “Initially, I had thought of meeting Maria and knowing more about her life, her mannerisms. But later, I dismissed the idea because the movie is only inspired by the Neeraj Grover murder case and not based on it,” she says.

After discussing how the dancing to the song “Rangeela” for the film came as a surprise to her, she finally gets talking about things other than films. Blushing, she confesses that the Cupid’s arrow has struck her. “Yes, I am in a relationship with someone. We have been good friends and it is because of my friends that we are in a relationship right now. He is not from the industry and I’m happy about it,” she says. So, is marriage on the cards? “Marriage? I don’t know about that,” she says and quickly adds, “Not so soon.” TOI

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