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You can’t take the actress out of me: Preeti Jhangiani

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It was a promotional event at a newly opened food-joint in Ahmedabad and amidst jostling crowd Preeti Jhangiani looks all cheerful as she poses for pictures and signs autographs.

As the enthusiastic waiter puts yet another pizza slice on her plate, she resists with a smile saying, “Bhaiya aapne already bahut khila diya, waise bhi mujhe abhi ye sab khana mana hai”. But one must admit that the post-pregnancy weight would hardly take away the old title of Chui Mui girl from her.

If you have been wondering where has she been all these days then ‘delivering a baby’ and ‘producing a movie’ may come handy. “I never wanted to become a producer in my life,” says Preeti. Watching all the sweat drenched producers on sets during her shoots, Preeti always thought getting into production is not her cup of tea. But destiny had willed it otherwise. Preeti has recently started her own production house with her husband actor Parvin Dabas. “Becoming a producer was always in my ‘not-to-do’ list. Although I am good with money, since I am a Sindhi, but I never had thought of it”, she says.

Then how did it all happen? “It was the script,” she explains, “When Parvin narrated the script to me that he had written, I was all impressed. It was his idea that we would produce it. I sat down to listen to the script thinking I’ll just pretend and then it would be over. But he completely bowled me over with his story.” Preeti was pregnant during the shooting of the movie and even as you think it must have been a tough call to balance it all, she surprises you by saying, “In fact, it was great that it all happened at the same time. Amidst all the work and tension, I hardly ever thought of pregnancy as pain. It was a whole new adventure and as I was managing financial side of the production, it was a whole lot of work and before I knew anything I already had delivered my boy.”

Does she miss being on sets? “Obviously” she promptly exclaims, “you can’t take away the actress out of me”. Strangely, even acting was not on her cards. “Although I am born and brought up in Mumbai, I had never thought of becoming an actress.” It is an interesting tale how she reached there. “I had just randomly gone for an audition and when I was told that I was selected for the ad, I hardly believed it. Post that commercial, Aditya (Aditya Chopra) called me for Mohabbatein.”

Even as she continues to chat, somebody comes and tells her that they are already late for the next appointment. She smiles politely as she answers the last question about her future plans, “I am looking at some scripts and if all works out well, I’ll be starting a film soon.” TOI

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