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Youngsters need to utilize their right to vote: Imran Khan

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On the occasion of India’s 64th Independence Day, Actor Imran Khan sends out a strong message for the youth.

Do not let the US nationality or international looks of Aamir Khan’s nephew actor Imran Khan deceive you. The youngster is more deep-rooted in his Indian culture than probably most youngsters are today.

On the eve of India’s Independence Day, in a chat with TOI, the actor spoke about ‘freedom’ and what it takes to make India shine.

“We often write off the government, blame politicians and assume nothing will change. But the truth is what is it that we do to make sure things change! How many youngsters cast their vote? That day is just considered as another holiday. I have attended various awareness campaigns in Bandra where we plead the youngsters to come ahead and vote. In spite of that the turnout is poor” said Imran.

When probed why the youngsters would vote if they don’t find the candidates who contest for the elections motivating enough, Imran replied, “Then too they can vote and say ‘none of the above’. Let it be heard that you don’t think any of the contestants as competent. We just can’t take things lying down.”

The actor had also opposed the passing of the State Government of India’s new law to increase the age limit for alcohol consumption to 25. The actor has even said he would file a PIL against the new law. TOI

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