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Zeenat Aman return after 20 years in films

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If you old Indian movies seen, then certainly you in 1971, Dev Anand’s dayryksn in the film “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” Remember be. At the time the film’s myaby he flags thick that other films back left. myaby of film at that time a new face to Zeenat Aman, she gave prominence several years then any other star of them stuck a mny could not easily move.

Zeenat Aman 90 dated decade in films continue to function but then suddenly the film industry to say goodbye and gmna Egyptian life lost. Now that episode 20 years kaarsh gzrcka is, Zeenat Aman again in the film industry ‘ they ‘are. so long after being absent from films return his experience was it is expressed in an interview.

He said that at this age I was turning to return to films in which people usually are retired Te Be. But I make up my great great man, is the lighting director and cameraman. Nasrf decided to return was difficult but I was also several concerns. Several scripts are available to me these days. Now I’m considering a project and soon will start work on Kurds.

Zeenat Aman Hindi cinema’s first sex symbol Zeenat Aman considered but gzrjany so years of existence IAS are still denied this. He said that his force was put on the sex symbol label type of girl she was never be. They say further that I Dev Anand film ‘Hare Rama Krishna each’ role was offered. Frankly, I did not expect much out film will devote yy. I thought But the average business will film and just did not happen. film hit, was super hit. The film, in the role of the spoiled girl kyatha hpy. the period for the American and European hpy Indians were a source of great magical. I liked the film then read the script and urged Yes.

‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ success given away every other producer I offer it began to roll. Just mistaken me here. I should not accept this role was more. If I do not accept that offer ifMaybe I never think to label sex symbol. this time many famous role was offered to hyruŁ“ynz but he has refused, but a major role in my eye and I was happy when he promised it is hard for a mainly negative role in which drug is heroin.

More of them say that I wanted to leave India after the film but the film If myab Dev Anand Sahib not be said that administrative anywhere. Your future is here. These days I meet two other major films. “Diamond pnna “and” Yaadon Ki Baraat “. These two films were super hits. B. R. Chopra after the” fog “found. After the success of these four films myself to feel really big star and I to India idea out of my mind. Now, after spending twenty years in anonymous intended to work again, but old ‘fame’ with not leaving yet. Agencies

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