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Blake Lively’s nude pictures leak!

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The rumoured girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio, ” Gossip Girl” actress Blake Lively is the latest in a long list of celebrities who have had their share of controversial pictures ‘somehow’ making it online.

The five picture series, where a girl rumoured to be Blake is seen clicking her own pictures in the nude, have been vehemently denied by her representative as being the actress’. But, this is a regular phenomenon these days. Every once in a while, private photos of Hollywood stars, which are generally meant only for their partners, make it online or to some tabloid. And while for some this takes place before a release of a new movie or a music single, for some it happens only when they are out of sight and out of mind, and then the rest, well, are plain unlucky.

This nude picture and video scare has even given the world famous Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sleepless nights. Apart from hunting down people who pose a threat to homeland security, these men in black nowadays are looking for a ring of hackers who leak celebrities’ candid photos. This fighting of cyber crime for the protection of stars’ privacy forms one of their top priorities, apart from combating terrorism. The FBI is said to be investigating the release of the Miley Cyrus photo debacle, the Scarlett Johanssson nude picture scare, Ali Larter’s candid shots and the racy pictures of Vanessa Hudgens that she had clicked for then-boyfriend, actor Zac Efron. And it doesn’t stop here; recent additions have been Jessica Alba and Christina Aguilera’s pictures.

And while some have been trying hard to keep their private lives private, there are some who are adept at cashing in on any opportunity that comes knocking on their doors, especially when it comes to sex tape leaks. Famous for being famous, socialite Paris Hilton first ‘pretended’ to stop the circulation of her sex tape, only to sign on a deal later on which lets her keep a profit anytime anyone buys it legally. Reality TV actress Kim Kardashian too had an out of court settlement, and raked in millions for her sex video. American figure skating champion Tonya Harding and her hubby Jeff Stone, too, faced this predicament when their tapes were released, but they soon found out the moolah way out and commercially sold it to a well-known adult empire. Deliberate or just by chance spill, one thing is for sure, it does grant the star a little more spotlight in the public domain. Who said negative publicity was bad, eh? TOI

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