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Jesse James Says Kat’s Better Than Sandra in Bed

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Just when we thought Jesse James couldn’t be a bigger cad than he already has been, he surprises us. Isn’t it bad enough you cheated on your ex without saying she’s a lousy lay?

Jesse James isn’t exactly the most popular guy in town after cheating on Sandra Bullock and trashing their marriage. Knowing how a lot of people feel about him, you’d think Jesse would have the brains to keep his trap shut about his much more respected ex. But, no, there was Jesse yesterday on the Howard Stern show, bragging about new fiancée Kat Von D’s talents in bed.

When asked which of the ladies was better in bed, Jesse answered, “Kat Von D. One hundred percent. She’s a vixen. If she cheated on me, I would forgive her and still love her.” Given Kat’s long list of former lovers, Jesse should think twice before giving her permission to add more names to it. He should also consider that the main reason she’s so good in bed is she’s had so much experience.

Despite three previous marriages that all ended in divorce, Jesse seems naively optimistic about #4. “When everybody kind of turned their back on me and . . . and totally persecuted me and, like, nobody wanted to be my friend. She was there for me through all of it,” he told Stern. “Who would imagine that one year later I would be happier than I’ve ever been? There’s only one now, and one forever. I’m devoted to this chick and she’s rad.” Maybe these two have a chance to make it, since they certainly deserve each other. Agencies

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