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Kathy Griffin Dances Topless by a Road in Miami

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There are many celebrities who we expect to see tweeting topless photos of themselves. Kathy Griffin is not one of them. As the sun began to rise over the sandy shores of Miami Beach, passersby on the waterfront got to see something they’ve probably never seen before… Kathy Griffin’s knockers!

For some reason unknown to us (though we imagine it was for attention), the reality star and comedienne walked out onto the dock of a waterfront home clad in nothing more than a bikini bottom. With her 50 year old itty bitty titties flopping about.

Kathy tweeted the pictures herself, but shortly after she (or TwitPic) deleted the photos… but, this being the internet and all, it was archived by many pervs all around the globe before it was removed from TwitPic. Agencies

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