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Madonna named Britain’s most written-about celebrity

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London, Jan 1: Pop star Madonna has been named Britain’s most written-about celebrity, beating Simon Cowell and Robbie Williams to top the spot.

The singer’s name has been mentioned in British print media 46,017 times since 2000, according to a research by Kantar Media.

The “X Factor” mogul Cowell came in a relatively close second, with 29,888 mentions over the past 10 years.

These figures show why Madonna is hailed as a legend, dailymail.co.uk quoted Kantar Media researcher Brian Merron as saying.

“That stickability factor in the consciousness of the nation marks her as a special talent and someone who is able to constantly re-invent herself to change with the times,” Merron added.

Robbie Williams positioned in third place, while Kate Moss and Britney Spears followed in the fourth and the fifth positions respectively. –(IANS)

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