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Miley Cyrus Shows Skin in New Photo Shoot

Posted by on June 20, 2011 0 Comment

The tween queen is legal now, and seems determined to flaunt her grownup sexuality!

While some former child stars are easing gently into adulthood, Miley Cyrus is pushing full steam ahead at making it clear she’s not a kid anymore! These new photos reveal a decidedly more mature Miley—and quite a bit of skin.

This is one of the clearest shots we’ve seen of the 18-year-old’s first tattoo, which says “Just breathe,” and is located underneath one of her breasts. Yeah, we understand Miley’s desire to be seen as an adult, but does she really have to get overly made up and pose like a 30-year-old stripper to put her point across? Agencies

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