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Rima Fakih Looks Back at Her Turbulent Year

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The reigning Miss USA is about to pass on her crown, and admits she’s made some mistakes.

Within a couple of days after the sexy Rima Fakih was chosen Miss USA for 2010, she was enmeshed in controversy. First, there were questions of whether an Arab-American should be representing the US, then photos of the winner pole dancing spread all over the Internet. As she prepared to conclude her period of wearing the title, Rima went on “Good Morning America” to discuss what was at times a trying year. “I have to admit, I’ve had a few hiccups during my year and at times I’ve learned my lessons. I think I’ve grown so much this year, I’m proud to say that I am giving up my crown on June 19th. And that I still have a crown.”

Rima also admits being a bit shocked by the negative comments she received. “You have to look at the beginning of my reign, the attacks, the controversy that came up, I wasn’t prepared for it. At first, it came up, ‘You’re the first Arab,’ ‘You’re the first Muslim,’ ‘Do you think you’re a real Miss USA?’ Then you had the racy pictures, which were really just a pole dancing class and portrayed as something else, and you went from body painting to the mosque controversy, and people didn’t like the fact that I was on that WWE ‘Tough Enough’ reality show.”

Let’s hope the hard knocks just made Rima stronger and more determined to get one with her life, because she’s one of the hottest beauty queens ever and we hope to see a lot more of her!

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