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Sexy Sofia Vergara’s Got Milk

Posted by on May 5, 2011 0 Comment

Who better to convince us to drink moo juice than this voluptuous Latina?

Here’s another shot from Sofia Vergara’s “Got Milk?” campaign, and it’s even sexier than the previous one. I’m sure there are some jokes we could make her about milk jugs, but we’ll let that one pass. Milk isn’t the only beverage the “Modern Family” star is hawking these days. She can also be seen on TV commercials for Diet Pepsi along with soccer star David Beckham.

This isn’t Sofia’s first spot for the soft drink, since she did another one very early in her career. “I started my career in the entertainment business many years ago with a Pepsi commercial,” Sofia commented. “To be doing it again with Diet Pepsi now is great.” Agencies

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