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Supermodel Gisele censored for the Middle East H&M

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Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen’s ad campaign for H&M has been altered for Dubai. The original image seemed too explicit for the Muslim nation.

The image which revealed the near perfect shape of Gisele has been photoshopped. The resulting image has resulted in Gisele having a white tank top over the original image.

The altered image was first published on the website of La Moda Dubai. The website wrote, “Perhaps some changes were made to better align the campaign with the sensibilities of the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council, which includes Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia] market.”

Gisele seems fully dressed in the altered ad campaign pictures. One of the images shows the model wearing a white T-shirt under a sleeveless tiered blouse. Gisele was also shown in another picture with a high-necked top.

Dubai like many other Muslim countries has strict regulations when it comes to how women dress. Women are forbidden to expose certain parts of their bodies in public. In extreme cases, only the eyes could be shown in public by women. Women in such countries achieve this by wearing the burqa.

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