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Taylor Momsen Topless at Donington Park

Posted by on June 14, 2011 0 Comment

The world politely averted its eyes when 17-year-old Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen showed her nipple-taped boobs at The Download Festival in Leicestershire, UK this weekend. Oops, did I say “politely averted its eyes”? I meant “took a million pictures and pretended to be outraged, thereby creating a flimsy excuse for publishing these perverted images.”

Yes, you are a pervert for looking at these pictures, and I am a pervert for posting these pictures, and now we are all going to Hell. Let’s blame this on author Cecily von Ziegesar (she wrote the Gossip Girl books) and call it a day, okay?

I would comment more on her boobies, but I for one do not want a sign in my front yard, so I will not comment on this till July 28th.

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