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Veruca James nude walk at New York streets

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She is a Burning Angel model from Chicago who came to NYC with her boyfriend and another BA girl named Azure (You will meet Azure later…). All three of them are just crazy perverts and I had a great time hanging out with all of them. What I quickly realized about Veruca, aside from her being a babe, is that she is pretty much down for anything. The night I met her we just took random naked potos of her in the street with my little point and shoot camera and then I pulled out my real camera when we walked across the street and shot in a Chase Bank. Good times.

A site called New York Lives is doing a video interview with me and they wanted footage of me shooting a naked girl. I had a perfect idea. I hit up NY Lives and Veruca and her Chicago team and we all headed down to Chinatown to take some photos in the middle of the street. There were cops everywhere so we just decided to go to the busiest place possible and hope for the best. We shot right on the corner of Broadway and Canal, the craziest spot in Chinatown, and no one said a word. People stopped and watched and applauded when we finished but no one seemed the slightest bit offended. We quickly snuck into the Subway and made our next move.

I thought that was going to be it for us, but everyone decided we should do more so we all headed towards their hotel near the World Trade Center. We got out of the Subway, found a random corner and took some more photos. Oh, right, and we took a few photos ON the Subway as well. After our second shot went perfectly we decided to test our luck and head down to Wall Street and get a shot of her with the famous Wall Street “Charging Bull” statue. There were tourists all over it posing for picture after picture. At first I felt bad doing it around a bunch of little kids but I soon realized everyone was posing their small children with the Bull’s giant brass balls. Anyone who thought that was a good idea couldn’t get too mad at some boobs. We shot very quickly at the Bull and then ran away since it seemed like the riskiest move. My shots there were the worst even though it was my favorite location. But whatever it was a lot of fun anyway and we got some crazy shots.

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