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Who will be evicted from Bigg Boss this week?

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In a dramatic change in the nomination process, Bigg Boss gave relatives of housemates who went into the house on Monday, the power to nominate members for eviction this week.

Amar Upadhyay is top of the list with four nominations, followed by Shonali Nagrani with three votes.

So, the eviction battle is between Shonali and Amar

Who of the two you think is going to be evicted? Cast your vote at the end of the slideshow!

Shonali Nagrani

Shonali was accused of exaggerating her angry exchange with Pooja Misrra before housemates. Host Sanjay Dutt clearly informed Shonali that she was wrong in telling the housemates that she had hurt her eye in the fracas.

Later, she was punished for not following Bigg Boss’s orders and told she can never become a captain.

Recently, when filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt entered Bigg Boss, she told him of the anguish she had experienced when Vishesh Films made her wait for a project and at the last moment rejected her. Mahesh got upset and apologised to her.

She’s also said that she feels uncomfortable when co-contestant Amar Upadhyay hugs her and that it is indecent and weird.

Her boyfriend Shiraz Bhattacharya, who entered the house on Monday, was concerned about this and told Shonali not to make unsubstantiated allegations against anyone. He added that Amar was a married man and she should not talk like this about him on national television.

When Amar asked her for an explanation, she started crying. Will this save her from eviction?

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