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104 services to be brought under CHNCs

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Hyderabad: The Minister for Health and Medical Services, Dr D L Ravindra Reddy on Monday announced that 104 Services would be brought under Community Health and Nutrition Clusters (CHNCs) from June 1.

Speaking to media in the Secretariat here, Dr ravindra Reddy, indirectly referring to Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy government, expressed the view that mistakes have taken place in administration in the last five years and decisions on health sector were taken without consulting any one. Now, we should rectify them.

“We are spending Rs 2.5 crores a month for toll free number of 108, for which 2,000 employees were working. Whose money it is”, he questioned. Health services meant only 108 and 104 Services. There was a need to strengthen the PHCs and hospitals run by the Government, he opined.

The Principal Secretary of Health and the Principal Secretary of Finance would sit and discuss in 15 days on the matter. But the services of 104 would be continued under CHNCs.

The Minister stated that the cases of Blood Pleasure (BP) and Diabetic, which were non-communicable diseases, have increased 22 percent in the state. He underlined the need to educate the people on the diseases.

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  1. Gndavarapu June 1, 2011

    Hasty comments on the decisions of the previous Chief Minister.  Should avoid such remarks before media.


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