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5 Jain women to take bhagwati diksha tomorrow

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Hyderabad: In a first of its kind religious ceremony here, five Mumukshu sisters will be taking Jain Bhagwati Dikshas on April 28 as part of two-day programme being held under the aegis of Sri Sadhu Margi Jain Sangh, Hyderabad.

The five Mumukshu sisters, who are to be bestowed with the Diksha are: Ms Samatha Golcha from Bikaner, Ma Surabhi Setia from Kolkata, Ms Diksha Sanchethi from Maharashtra, Ms Rakhi Bohara from Madhya Pradesh and Ms Supriya Setia from Kolkata, respectively.

Speaking to the media here on Tuesday, the secretary, Mr Rajender Khiwasara, said that Shri Ramlalji Maharaj Saheb, who reached here along with his 24 disciples from Chattisgarh covering a distance of 750 km would administer vows (Diksha) to the five Mumukshu Sisters from 9.15 am onwards on April 28 at Nizam College Grounds, here.

“On the preceding day i.e April 27, a Vargoda (procession) will start from Bharath Building at Kachiguda at 7.15 am to Nizam College Ground”, he said, adding that the entire Jain community would take part and bless the Mamukshu sisters and receive blessings from Ramlalaji.

Referring to Ramlalji Maharaj, he said that he is the promoter of the principles set by Lord Mahaveer i.e truth, non-violence, non-stealing, celibacy and non-possessiveness. He is also the promoter for eradication of addiction of alcohol, tobacco and non-vegetarian food for the betterment of total human kind.

Other members of the organization, Mr Swarup Kotari, Mr Hansraj Kotari, Mr V L Jain, r Rajendra Kimthi and Mr Nirmal Lalwani, were also present. (NSS)

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