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‘Aadhaar against citizens’ rights’

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A group of people in the city came forward on a unified platform called the Hyderabad Declaration for Boycott of UID/Aadhaar to oppose the implementation of the identification card system by the government.

The Deccan Development Society, the National Alliance of People’s Movements and Human Rights Law Network demanded the project to be scrapped. They said that from being a voluntary provision, the Aadhaar card was becoming mandatory and symbolised the coming of a surveillance state.

P V Satheesh, director, Deccan Development Society, Saraswati Kavula of the National Alliance of People’s Movements and Shakeel Mohammed of the Human Rights Law Network presented the Hyderabad Declaration which stated that linking the Aadhaar card to the access of public services like LPG cylinders, NREGA, PDS and other services would be against the constitutional rights of the citizen. “The biometric measurements like making fingerprints and one’s retinal profile compulsory for procuring the card is a fascist way of bringing a citizen under submission,” they said.

By documenting every minute detail of citizens, the measure is an intrusion into the privacy of citizens that was upheld by the Supreme Court many a times, said the declaration. “The non-transparent manner in which the state government is functioning is also alarming, besides the fact that private companies, that worked with the US Department of Defense and Intelligence, are involved in this project,” they said. TOI

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