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Abids cop solves case in 24 hours

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Hyderabad: As a Damocles sword in the form of ‘suspension’ hung on the neck of Abids inspector of police, Mr K. Shiva Kumar, he rushed to Mumbai to recover the stolen gold from a gang.

The police commissioner, Mr A.K. Khan, who announced the suspension of inspector of police, Mr Shiva Kumar, after the gold heist on June 14 at Abids, appreciated him after the arrest of the accused and recovery of the gold. Mr Khan said, “The inspector came to me around 2.30 am on June 14 night and requested a day to prove his mettle. He said he has the leads to crack the case and said he will bear the expenses incurred on this endeavour. I gave him a chance and I kept his suspension on hold. He successfully fulfilled his mission.”

Based on the eye witness accounts, the cop used the clues provided to him on the vehicle number of the of the accused S.P. Vyas. With the information provided by him his accomplice Gopal Purohit was nabbed. Sources said the inspector flew to Mumbai along with another cop accompanied by Purohit who led them to the hideout of the accused. Deccan Chronicle

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