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Activist’s suicide adds fuel to Telangana fire

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New Delhi: Parts of Hyderabad were brought to a halt on Friday by Telangana activists with a young man’s suicide becoming the latest flashpoint in the battle for a separate state.

When 30-year-old Yadi Reddy was alive, few people even in his small village in Moinabad district of the Telangana region knew him.
But today his body is the symbol and platform for Telangana politicians to make their statehood demand.

On Wednesday Yadi Reddy committed suicide in the heart of Delhi allegedly to demand the formation of a separate state. A day after he died, TRS MLA and K Chandrashekar Rao’s nephew Harish Rao hit an official at the Andhra Pradesh Bhawan in Delhi. His party and the Congress’ Telangana leaders had gathered in protest. A day after that incident there have been no apologies for their behaviour only further fueling the Telangana fire with another dead body.

Yadi Reddy is not the first, in fact, over 500 people from activists to students have allegedly died in the agitation for Telangana and each of the deaths is a chance for Telangana politicians to raise their pitch. In Hyderabad the activists had called for a bandh, though it was partial, but it was a reminder that the Telangana fire continues to burn.

In New Delhi though the Congress General Secretary in charge of Andhra Pradesh Ghulam Nabi Azad held meetings with groups of leaders from the state a solution remains elusive. The death toll and the protests are mounting and observers say that the situation is very sensitive. All eyes remain on the center and the Congress leadership on how it responds to the Telangana question. CNN-IBN

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