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Adage about Deputy CM proves correct!

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Hyderabad: The proverb about Deputy Chief Ministership has become a reality at the oath taking ceremony of the new PCC Chief. The adage that Deputy Chief Minister post was similar to ‘sixth finger’ has become true on Saturday’s meeting held at Gandhi Bhavan.

The organizers have given top priority to the Chief Minister and new PCC Chief followed by former chief ministers, former PCC presidents and Central ministers and made special seat arrangements for them. But curiously, the organizers have not given priority to the Deputy Chief Minister, Mr Damodar Rajanarasimha. The new Deputy Chief Minister had to sit in a corner on the left side of the dais.

Even the speakers, most of them, forgot to mention about his name even though he too assumed the office on Saturday. While the Chief Minister, the PCC chief, outgoing chiefs sat at the center of the dais, the Deputy Chief Minister had to sit far from the Chief Minister. No body took care to make the new Deputy Chief Minister to sit beside the Chief Minister. What a pity new Deputy Chief Ministerji?

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