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Advantage opposition as govt in bind on 14 F

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Hyderabad: As may be seen, the scrapping of Clause 14 F from the Presidential Order issued in 1975, has pushed the state government in a piquant situation.

The issue has bundled up almost every section of the separate Telangana statehood units, including the opposition leaders from Telangana region, who are crying hoarse for removal of cited order.

In one respect, the opposition has taken full advantage of the situation and has managed to corner the ruling party here, even as the Congress bosses are sitting in the distant New Delhi, effectively having deadlocked the issue.

Now the state rulers have came under intense pressure and focus as well whether the ruling clique would tide over the crisis (which is indeed their own creation) or face the ignominy from all concerned.

By and large, informed sources observe that mere deletion of a Clause would not jeopardize the prospects of the rulers nor would it be taken seriously by the citizens or leaders concerned.

This particular Clause was introduced in 1975 to facilitate non-locals for applying for the police jobs in Hyderabad which is now a Free Zone.

The rulers could put up a conciliatory argument that at a later date (after scrapping the said Clause) the governments both at the state and Centre could come out with another GO to render justice to all affected parties particularly in Hyderabad which is the capital city of the state.

Another section maintains that the Centre has unnecessarily delayed the process once the state Assembly passed a unanimous resolution on the subject and that the Central rulers took it more as a prestige issue than respecting the local sentiment.

By questioning the veracity of the Assembly resolution on the Clause 14 F, the Centre has actually invited the wrath of the Telangana people and further consolidating the opposition’s unity.

The Congress government gave a good scope for misconstruing their stand whether it was taken not to belie the expectations of Seemandhra people.

Meanwhile, the Joint Action Committee of Students, which deferred the August 5 bandh call, has provided a breather to the N Kiran Kumar Reddy government.

But the students’ threatened to stick to their stir bandh call on August 8, again in case nothing tangible was found in respect of deletion of Clause 14 F, by their deadline.

Toorpu Jayaprakash Reddy from Sangareddy, who embraced the Congress party in 2009, told journalists at the Secretariat on Wednesday that he had appealed to Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy to concede to the demand of scrapping the cited Clause which has been gaining momentum in the region.(INN)

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