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All party meet on farmers issues: Govt urged to set up price fixing panel for crops

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Hyderabad: Attendees at the all party-meeting called by the Telugu Desam Party on Sunday decided to corner both the Central and state government on the farmers’ problems by seeking the help of all Legislators, except the Congress, besides demanding a ‘price fixing panel,’ to help the tillers.

Talking to media persons after emerging from the all-party meeting at NTR Trust Bhavan, TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu expressed serious concern over the mounting problems of the farmers in the country and vowed to launch a nation-wide agitation for the cause of farmers with the support of like-minded parties soon.

He charged the Centre of throwing the farmers across the country into a ‘debt-trap,’ instead of ensuring that agriculture turns into a profitable business by providing proper remunerative prices for the farmers’ produce.

Mr Naidu said that the government should make agriculture a profitable business by providing farmers proper remunerative price for their produce and alleged that the state and Central governments’ ‘anti-farmers’ policies’ were responsible for throwing the farmers into debt trap.

“These flawed policies are forcing the farmers to lose their income on all sides,” the TDP chief said.

Lamenting the delay in announcing the Minimum Support Price for crops, delivery of subsidised seeds and fertilisers in time, Mr Naidu said that this negligent attitude has been the main contributor to the farmers’ problems.

“Why has the state government failed to implement the MS Swaminathan Commission recommendations, which could have gone a long way to uplift the lives of the farmers,” the former chief minister questioned.

The TDP chief disclosed that the all-party meeting held today has decided to submit a representation to the Prime Minister, the Union Agriculture Minister and the Chief Minister soon.

One of the important subjects discussed at the meeting was the demand for a ‘price fixing committee’, he revealed. Such a Panel should be appointed at state level to help the farmers get Minimum Support Price for their produce, Mr Naidu urged.

He further revealed that attendees in the meeting also took a unanimous decision to take the support of Legislators from all parties excluding the Congress, to launch protests across the country.

“Besides this, the TDP would launch a village level signature campaign on farmers’ problems soon, Mr Naidu said.

The TDP chief also advised the farmers to participate in the agitations directly to get due justice.

Kodela Shiva Prasad, K Narayana Rao, P Chandrasekhar from the TDP, K Ramakrishna from CPI, S Mallareddy from CPM, K Srinivasa Rao from Lok Satta and M Deshpande from Forward Bloc participated in the all-party meeting.(INN)

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