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All set for action against Nagam

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Hyderabad: Stage is set for taking disciplinary action against the TDP senior leader and former minister, Dr Nagam Janardhan Reddy, for defying the party leadership and refusing to carry the party flag during his Telangana agitation.

Decision to this effect was taken by the party’s Telangana Forum on Monday evening. Copy of the resolution was handed over to the party chief, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu, by the Forum leaders. A decision on the resolution is likely to be announced on Wednesday as Mr Naidu left for New Delhi on Tuesday to meet the Union Agriculture Minister, Mr Sharad Pawar, to discuss about farmers’ problems.

There was animated discussion in the political circles about the future of Dr Nagam as it has become clear that axe would fall on him. It is being said that the former minister would have come to a conclusion about his future course of action as he also knew that action would be taken against him by the party leadership. Political analysts say that he would announce his future course of action after the party announces its decision against him.


There are three alternatives before Dr Nagam Janardhan Reddy. The first one is starting his own party. The second is to join another like minded party. The third is launching a forum, instead of a party, to fight for Telangana. It is being said that Dr Nagam is not for launching a separate party. It is learnt that he is likely to join another like minded party. As Dr Nagam has been maintaining rapport with the YSR Congress chief, Mr Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, it is being said that he may join that party, provided it made a definite commitment for Telangana. However, Dr Nagam told a TV interviewer on Tuesday that he would not join the YSR Congress party.

It is learnt that the BJP was trying to woo Dr Nagam as his entry would strengthen the party in Telangana in general and Mahbubnagar district in particular. Dr Nagam also need not have any objection to joining that party as it is committed to Telangana. Dr Nagam, who is keeping all his options open, is likely to tour Telangana extensively before coming to a decision about launching his party or joining another.

The TDP would suffer loss in Mahbubnagar district, if it takes action against the senior leader. It is now being discussed as who would follow him after the party takes action against him. Though the Parigi MLA, Mr Harishwar Reddy, is close to Dr Nagam, political observers say that he is unlikely to leave the party. It is also being said that even in Mahbubnagar district, Dr Nagam’s close associates might not leave the TDP.

Meanwhile, Dr Nagam said in a TV interview on Monday night that he was still willing to work with the party Chief, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu, if he writes a letter to the Union government to give Telangana State. He has questioned whether it was not true that the Union government had taken a decision on Telangana after consulting TDP and other political parties. When that is the case, how could Mr Naidu question with whose consent had the Central government taken a decision on Telangana. He said that it was unfortunate that homage could not be paid to Telangana martyrs in the previous Mahanadu. He said that at least now the Telangana issue should be discussed in the Mahanadu and homage should be paid to Telangana martyrs.


Reminding that he has been rendering unstinted service to the TDP for the past 30 years, he said even now he was only striving to save the party in Telangana. He said if the party wants to take action against him, he should be told what mistake he had committed. Recalling that the party had passed a resolution calling for Telangana State in 2008, he said he was only asking that a copy of that resolution be sent to the Union Home Minister.

Alleging that it was the Seemandhra leaders, who had violated the party policy decisions, he has questioned how the party could take action against him without first taking action against them. Warning that the party had already lost people’s confidence, he said Mr Naidu should at least now take action to restore it.

Referring to the remarks that he would also meet the fate of Mr Devender Goud, who had started his own pro-Telangana party which flopped, forcing him to return to TDP, he said the situation then was different from now. He said that if Mr Devender Goud had not wound up the party, several people would have left the TDP and joined it, Mr Nagam said.

Referring to the remarks that he was alone, he said that even the TRS chief, Mr K Chandrasekhara Rao was alone when he left the party. He waged a solitary war and became a big force now, Dr Nagam recalled. He said time alone would decide his future and added that to agitate for Telangana State, there was no need to have a party backing. (NSS)

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