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Anam demands action against Kodandaram

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Hyderabad: Congress MLA from Nellore Anam Vivekananda Reddy on Saturday came heavily on Telangana Students Joint Action committee for threatening to attack the Seemandhra employees not participating in the general strike.

Speaking to media persons on the Assembly premises on Saturday, Mr Vivekananda Reddy said that attacks on the employees are not a good thing and students should refrain from talking in this manner.

Mr Vivekananda Reddy further said that such statements by Telangana Political Joint Action Committee convenor M Kodandaram do not befit his position, as he is also an employee of Telangana. “Any employee should not incite the students to attack on employees of other regions,” the MLA said.

Incidentally, Prof Kodandaram is a professor of the Osmania University and the state government cannot suspend the faculty directly. It may however impose on the Chancellor or the Vice Chancellor to act against a faculty member of any University.

Mr Vivekananda Reddy continued, “The government has good faith on the employees hailing from Telangana region and he (Prof Kodandaram) should not spoil this image. Supporting a party by an employee is also not good.”

The Nellore MLA added that “We respect and honour the government employees as they implement the policies and programmes and welfare schemes of the government and act like wheels of the cart.”
The Congress leader urged the government to take action against Prof Kodandaram. “If the government does not take any action against him, this will amount to its failure,” he commented.

Mr Vivekananda Reddy said that if the government had suspended Prof Kodandaram from his duties this situation would not have arisen. “In any case, government in power it should not allow its employees to act in hostile manner,” Mr Vivekananda Reddy asserted.(INN)

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