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Andhraites did nothing for Hyderabad, Telangana Congmen tell Azad

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The state capital Hyderabad has grown over the last six decades because of its strategic geographical location and due to investments by national and international companies and not due to any contribution by Seemaandhra industrialists and businessmen.

This was the gist of the audio-visual presentation made by Telangana Congress leaders to AIC general secretary Ghulam Nabi Azad during their meeting in New Delhi on Wednesday. After the presentation on the economic, social and cultural growth of Hyderabad since 1948, Azad told them that he would prepare his report on the Telangana issue in two months time and place it for consideration before the Congress core committee.

The presentation by the T Congress leaders on Wednesday was totally focused on demolishing the claim over Hyderabad city by Semaandhra leaders by way of the contribution of investors from the Andhra region. Stating that the contribution of the Andhra people to the growth of Hyderabad through the ages was nil, the Congress leaders said that Hyderabad, whose foundation was laid over 400 years go, was am inseparable part of Telangana.

Culling statistics from various central state government sources, the T-Congress leaders said the city owes its all-round development to its unique geo-political location in the country. “Hyderabad was the fifth largest city when it was the capital of the Nizam state. Even in 1956, when the Andhra region was merged with Hyderabad state, the city occupied a pride of place as the fifth largest city in country. It continues to enjoy the same position even in 2011. This being the situation, where is the question of the contribution of Andhra investors,” the T-Congress leaders asked Azad.

Another important point raised by the T-Cong team was the nature of investments from the Andhra region. “Long before the Andhra people started migrating to Hyderabad, the city had attracted investments from big Indian and international firms. As a result, it has grown over the last few decades. In contrast, all the Andhra businessmen did was invest in land and enter into real estate business. In fact, all the assets of the Andhra leaders are the land they got allocated from former chief ministers NTR and YSR at throw away prices,” they said.

The ‘Andhra migrants’ are showing the appreciation of these land rates as investments. “The land they were either assigned for free or given at a nominal rate of Rs 1000 per acre now costs between Rs 10 crore to Rs 15 crore. This is now being shown as investment. Even the palatial residences build in Jubilee Hills are being shown as investments. This is wrong and unacceptable,” MP and spokesperson for the Congress team Gutha Sukhender Reddy told the media and cited Apollo Hospitals, Annapurna Studios and the properties of GMR and GVK groups as examples of this.

The T Congress leaders also cited lack of geographical contiguity as grounds for the Seemaandhra people not to stake claim on Hyderabad. “While Hyderabad city is 215 km away from the Rayalaseema border, it is over 275 km from the Andhra border. The distance is impractical for Hyderabad to be an effective and functional temporary capital for Andhra even if we are ready to allow the city to function as a joint capital for some time,” Reddy said.

Responding to the presentation, Azad said he wants to complete his consultations before the end of the monsoon session of Parliament. “My consultations with the Telangana Congress leaders on the separate state demand are over. Now, I will separately meet a 10-member team from the Andhra region and a 5-member team from Rayalaseema. I will finish my work in two months and submit a report to the Congress core committee,” Azad said. TOI

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