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Another 245 intending pilgrims selected for Hajj 2011

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Hyderabad: As many as 245 pilgrims from 15 districts of Andhra Pradesh have been declared selected against cancellation for Haj 2011 by the Haj Committee of India. These pilgrims have been selected by automatic draw of lots.

According to AP State Haj Committee Chairman Syed Khaleeluddin Ahmed, these provisionally selected candidates will have to pay a total amount of Rs. 1,03,790 for Hyderabad embarkation point and Rs. 1,03, 416 from Banglore embarkation point. These pilgrims would be provided accommodation in Azeezia category.

The pilgrims should pay amount after obtaining their Bank Reference No. from the website of HCI www.hajcommittee.com and submit their original International Passports along with a copy of pay-in-slip on or before august 20 in the office of the State Haj Committee, Haj House Nampally Hyderabad.

The pilgrims selected from different districts are as follows:

Anantapur (18); Chittoor (6); Guntur (4); Hyderabad (137); Kadapa (17); Krishna (9); Karimnagar (11); Kurnool (5); Mahboobnagar (2); Medak (2); Nalagonda (11); Nizamaad (9); Ranga Reddy (2); Vijayanagaram (2) and Warangal (4).

Following is the list of the covers of the selected pilgrims:

APF-808-2-0 APF-1513-5-0 APF-1879-2-0 APF-1967-2-0 APF-2610-2-0 APF-3652-2-0 APF-3891-3-0 APF-6138-3-0 APF-6301-2-0 APF-6547-2-0 APF-6645-2-0 APF-161-2-0 APF-239-4-0 APF-326-2-0 APF-333-2-0 APF-382-3-0 APF-421-3-0 APF-470-2-0

APF-553-2-0 APF-637-2-0 APF-816-2-0 APF-839-1-0 APF-879-2-0 APF-969-4-0

APF-1005-2-0 APF-1028-3-0 APF-1037-3-0 APF-1046-3-0 APF-1078-1-0 APF-1309-2-0

APF-1341-2-0 APF-1462-2-0 APF-1471-2-0 APF-1567-2-0 APF-1610-2-0 APF-1774-5-0

APF-1818-2-0 APF-1853-2-0 APF-1898-2-0 APF-1906-2-0 APF-1923-2-0 APF-1984-4-0

APF-2009-2-0 APF-2066-3-0 APF-2203-2-0 APF-2227-4-0 APF-2240-1-0 APF-2325-2-0

APF-2401-2-0 APF-2480-2-0 APF-2541-2-0 APF-2773-2-0 APF-2815-2-0 APF-3146-2-0

APF-3214-3-0 APF-3250-4-0 APF-3393-2-0 APF-3460-2-0 APF-3594-1-0 APF-3822-2-0

APF-3863-3-0 APF-3942-3-0 APF-4074-3-0 APF-4076-4-0 APF-4080-2-0 APF-4163-2-0

APF-4330-3-0 APF-4373-3-0 APF-4386-2-0 APF-4403-2-0 APF-4533-2-0 APF-4646-3-0

APF-4856-4-0 APF-4943-2-0 APF-4959-3-0 APF-5038-2-0 APF-5086-2-0 APF-5333-2-0

APF-5364-5-0 APF-5366-4-0 APF-5408-2-0 APF-5495-2-0 APF-5617-2-0 APF-5698-2-0

APF-5803-3-0 APF-5813-5-0 APF-6121-1-0 APF-6153-4-0 APF-6278-3-0 APF-6330-2-0

APF-6396-2-0 APF-6495-2-0 APF-6506-2-0 APF-6510-2-0 APF-6535-2-0 APF-6582-5-1

APF-6601-3-0 APF-6632-4-0


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