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Anti-Corruption Day observed

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AK KhanInternational Anti-Corruption day has been observed in the offices of Director General Hyderabad and range offices of ACB in concerned district head quarters in the state on December 9th During the observation the following programmes/activities have been taken up.

The Director General of ACB,A.K.Khan IPS, Director Kumar Vishwajeet IPS,Addl.Director D.Ramakrishnaiah IPS,Joint Directors A.Satyanarayana IPS and Ch.Srikanth IPS and other officers and all staff of ACB wore light blue color ribbon on right arm as mark of observation of International Anti-Corruption Day..

The Director General administered the pledge to the officers and staff “I as a citizen of India do swear by our mother land that I do not encourage corruption, do not indulge in corruption and strive hard for eradication of corruption, I do swear to make India as CORRUPTION FREE COUNTRY”..

The Director General addressed the officers and staff and insisted the importance and need of eradication of corruption for the well-being of public and national development.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau conducted awareness campaign at several colleges and public places by distributing pamphlets and display of banners regarding eradication of corruption and sought the co-operation of public.

In this regard ACB requested the public, if any Government employee demands any bribe in any form, immediately inform to the given below toll free number of Head Quarters, Hyderabad or concerned range DSP cell numbers.

TOLL FREE NO. 155361


City Range
Hyderabad 9440446109 9440446134
Hyderabad Range 9440446140
Karimnagar Range 9440446150
Nizamabad Range 9440446155
Warangal Range 9440446146
Kurnool Range 9440446178
Anantapur Range 9440446181
Tirupati Range 9440446190
Nellore Range 9440446184
Vijayawada Range 9440446164
Eluru Range 9440446157
Rajahmundry Range 9440446160
Visakhapatnam Range 9440446170
Vizianagaram Range 9440446174

ACB, further requested the public, not to voluntarily offer any bribe to the Govt. employees to speed up their work, and co-operate with ACB to eradicate the corruption and development of the nation.

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