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AP Police Say No To Millenium March For Telangana

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Hyderabad: City police commissioner Mr. A K Khan has said that there is no permission for the million march proposed by the TRS and the Telangana JAC to bring pressure on the government to concede Telangana state.

Talking to the media at the commissionerate on Tuesday, the commissioner has said that the JAC convener has only given the police information about the proposed march and had not sought permission for it. Stating that there were issues that were not permissible under law in the proposed march, Mr. Khan has said that the police would have no objection if it was organized without causing any problems to the people. He said additional forces were summoned to the city to tackle the situation on the day when the march would take place. He said the police was taking all precautions to ensure that the public were not inconvenienced.

He said the police had given notice to Prof Kodandaram, stating that there was no permission for the proposed march.


Minister for Handlooms, Mr. Sankara Rao has asked the police not to resort to steps that might provoke the people during the million march. He said there would be no problems if the police did not take provocative actions like precautionary arrests. (NSS)

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