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AP unhappy with GVK 108 service

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The government has been receiving complaints about the unsatisfactory functioning and maintenance of the GVK 108 ambulances for quite some time.

After a recent meeting with the GVK group chairman and representatives, the government is considering whether to fund the scheme 100 per cent on condition that GVK’s name would be removed and replaced by the AP state logo and the Chief Minister’s picture.

As far as renewing the MoU with GVK-108 is concerned, GVK-EMRI has been asked to revise their requests before August 15 and make certain changes in operations, said the health minister, Dr D.L. Ravindra Reddy, on Wednesday.

Pointing to the problems related to the functioning of the ambulances, the health minister said: “Some vehicles are non-functional, being put off the roads and sometimes employees are also sitting on ‘dharnas’ for salaries by stopping the vehicles. Even though we are paying around Rs.7 crore periodically, the employees still aren’t getting their salaries on time. We have reason to believe that this money is being used for other purposes like debt servicing. GVK is paying off EMIs for a Rs.42 crore loan (which had accumulated to Rs.56 crore) incurred by Ramalinga Raju. Possibly some of the government money was paid as EMI,” he said.

He also informed that no decision on the renewal of the 108 MoU with GVK-EMRI was taken yet.

The state has turned down GVK’s request to pay off the Rs.42-crore loan and rental charges of Rs.42 lakh, which the firm wanted the government. Deccan Chronicle

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