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APFCCT opposes staggered holidays

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Hyderabad: The general secretary of the State Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Trade, Mr C Nand Kumar has strongly condemned the labour department’s action of forcibly implementing the staggered holidays in lieu of Sunday, thus facilitating opening of shops in Hyderabad as per the GO dated April 13.

In this connection, Mr Nand Kumar along with other trade associations and trade union leaders met the Incharge Commissioner, Mr Dr H K Nagu at the Conference Hall, Anand Bhavan on Monday and sought to narrate the difficulties in not having holiday on Sunday.

Demanding the continuance of the existing system, they said that various government departments like the Commercial Taxes department, Excise Department, municipal, banks and transport offices do not function on Sunday. As a result of it, the traders and employees want to spend the weekend holiday with their family, since the children have holiday only on Sunday and not on other days. Hence, it would not be feasible and practical because there would be mismatch in the working days of shops and establishments on one hand and banks and the government offices on the other hand.

They also requested the Labour department not to resort to such practices and maintain the status quo. Otherwise, the traders would have no other option except to agitate against the move. The Labour Commissioner, in turn assured that there would not be any harassment of the employees in this regard. (NSS)

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