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Arundhati Roy bats for Telangana cause

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Hyderabad: Booker Prize winner and rights activist Arundhati Roy has expressed her support to the movement for separate Telangana state.

In a letter written to Manjira Writers Forum (Marasama) on Monday, she, however, cautioned that the separate state should not fall into the same trap as the other newly formed states, which she alleges have been vying to suppress peoples’ movements.

Roy was to be in the city to attend a meeting of writers in Siddipet on Sunday and Monday, but was not able to do so due to other pressing engagements in Delhi. In her letter to the secretary of the writers’ forum, Devi Prasad, she said: “Societies do have a right to self-determination and the demand for Telangana is a valid democratic demand.”

She hoped that Telangana should not end up like Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttarakhand which are oppressing people’s movements.

She called upon the writers to ensure that the dream does not turn into a nightmare instead.

Roy claimed that far from treading a new path, the governments of these states have been vying with one other to turn their rivers, forests and mountains over to private bodies and to hunt down those resisting these projects. “I hope that will not be the case with Telangana, whose people have such a long and remarkable history of resistance, whose women deserve standing applause for how much they have suffered and for the victories they have won,” she added. TOI

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