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Assembly adjourned amid din without transactiong any business

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Hyderabad: The main Opposition party TDP has stalled the proceedings in the Assembly demanding appointment of a Joint Legislature Committee on allotment of lands to different corporates and SEZs by the government ‘illegally’. The Deputy Speaker, Mr Nadendla Manohar, tried in vain to prevail upon the members to allow the House to function, as it had to discuss important demands. He even held a meeting of the floor leaders after adjourning the House twice, without transacting any business. The adamant Opposition members, however, did not allow the House to function and the Deputy Speaker was forced to adjourn the House for the day, without transacting any business.

Soon after the House met for the day, the Deputy Speaker announced that he had disallowed the adjournment motion of the BJP on the diversion of funds meant for BC welfare and another by CPI(M) on land allotment. Later, the Congress members from Telangana raised slogans demanding Telangana State and resumed their seats.

Afterwards, the TDP members trooped into the well of the House with placards on which their demand was written that land allotments be cancelled. On one placard, they wrote ‘Mantri Venuka Kantri Evaru?’ (Who is the scamster behind the minister).

The Deputy Speaker urged the members to allow the House to function. He has explained to them that they could say what they wanted during the debate on the demands. The Minister for Legislature Affairs, Mr D. Sridhar Babu pointed out that one newspaper wrote some thing about the allocations and another gave replies to the issues raised by the first paper. He said it was not for the House to discuss what newspapers were writing against each other.

The TDP members were enraged with the remark and Mr Dhoolipala Narendra angrily asked the Minister if he was suggesting that they should get their answers from the newspapers and not the government. Unable to take up the question hour, the Deputy Speaker adjourned the House in just seven minutes after it met for the day.

The scene was no different when the House reassembled. The TDP members shouted slogans in the well and after repeated requests, resumed their seats. But they did not allow the House to function. However, the Deputy Speaker asked the ministers to move their demands amid din.

Mr Sridhar Babu reminded the Opposition that the Chief Minister had already assured that all land allotments would be reviewed. “What more do you want? If you want to politicize, do it outside. Speak at the media point” he told the TDP members.

Angered by the suggestion, Mr Narendra asked the Deputy Speaker to teach House traditions to the ministers. He has reminded the government that the Opposition stalled the proceedings of Parliament for 26 days on the 2-G Spectrum scam and the Speaker who understood the importance of the issue, permitted the opposition to fight till JPC was appointed on the issue. Mr Narendra objected to the Deputy Speaker permitting the ministers to move their demands even when the House was not in order, as it was against rules.

Mr Narendra said while the government had no funds to pay the scholarships of students and pensions to the retired, valuable public money was doled out to undeserving people, through corrupt means.

Retorting, the Minister, Mr Sridhar Babu said, there was no need for the ministers to learn about rules and traditions from the Opposition. He asked them under which rule the Opposition members had trooped into the well of the House. He said that though the Opposition stalled the proceedings of the Parliament, they did not go into the well, excepting on a very few occasions. On the allegation that the government was not paying scholarships, he said amid cheers from the treasury benches that the government was not compromising on the scholarships issue. He asked the Opposition not to link the scholarship issue to the land allotment issue. On his mentioning about newspaper reports, he said that he only brought the matter to the notice of the House. However, the minister’s repeated requests to the Opposition to allow the House to function were not heeded to.

When the Deputy Speaker could not run the House, he adjourned it and called a meeting of floor leaders of the House in his chambers. However, even that meeting could not bring any change and the House could not be run when it met after the meeting. The Dy Speaker finally adjourned it for the day. (NSS)

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