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Attacking on Muslim youths is a Revenge of Cow Slaughtering confessed

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Hyderabad, November 15: MIM Supremo Asaduddin Owaisi orders to the city police to find out and take the legal action against those who are running criminal activities and the arrested culprits which is involved in serial attacking on 8 muslim youths at 5 places of the city simultaneously.

Task Force police of Hyderabad taken the action and arrested the culprits of attacking on muslim youths in one night and produced in the court. Court have given under police custody for 14 days.

According to the statement of Hyderabad city police they have pre planned attacked on Muslim youths for the revenge of Cow Slaughtering. Police seized 3 bikes, 3 rods, 1 knife, and 6 mobiles from his possession, police declared the names of the culprits Bupesh Gupta 27 (Karman Ghat), Sadanand, Shakti Vinod (Waris guda), 23 Aani Krishna (Musheerabad), 21 Bhargav (Bolaram), 22 Suryavashi (Santoshnagar) and 26 Pandwa Kaliyan (Secunderabad) was arrested by the police in the case of attacking on 8 muslim youths simultaneously in several areas of Hyderabad.
According the police this gang have arranged a meeting in the month of November at Lingampally Park. During the meet they have planned for the simultaneous attacks on muslims.

MIM President Asaduddin Owaisi condemned and warn to the Hyderabad city police to take the legal actions against the culprits and he was appealed for the peace following attacks on muslim youths.

Commissioner of Police Mr. A. K. Khan had handover the case to Task Force police for more investigation and alerted to police personnel’s to main the peace and harmony.

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