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Awareness program on Evils of Drinks, Divorce

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Hyderabad: The Hyderabad Chapter of All India Tanzeem Islahe Muashera, a voluntary organization in social activities, is organizing an awareness programme at Mughalpura Urdu Hall in Old City on April 23 at 3 pm, on the ever increasing divorce declarations in the Muslim community and the need to follow the age-old entrenched customs and traditions to check such sordid practice. The awareness programme will also educate the people about the ill-effects of intoxicated and inebriated drinks.

Speaking to the media here on Friday, the spokesperson, Maulana Abdul Ahmed Rahmi said that it was revealed in their investigation that out of 100 divorce cases, at least 50 to 60 could have been avoided with proper counseling and intervention of the society elites. He also said that the Qazis, who are being approached at the first instance, are also responsible for such menace as they, instead of working out conciliatory methods, are encouraging the same for their own benefits. “The Qazis must be duty-bound to avoid divorce cases and provide the ways and means to sort out the differences in between the couple and their family members; but they have totally failed in their responsibilities”, he added.

Moulana Rahmi cited the fast growing clout of western culture and TV serials towards which the present day society was devoting a substantial part of leisure time as responsible for this squalid and distasteful state of affairs. He also noted that the need of the hour is that the parents have to teach our ages old culture and the unique family system to their descendants in order to quell such malady.

Other leaders of the organization, Maulana Syed and Mohammed Unis Quadri, were also present. (NSS)

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